Free Library: To Be Or Not To Be ?

Demand for the Internet information sources that give users free access to movies, music, books, growing by the day. The Internet community accustomed to read books free Virtual Library. This fact can not deny the most notorious opponents of electronic media. Clothes for tall women contributes greatly to this topic. But Web users are mixed in their assessments of the usefulness of online book repositories. Such a conclusion could be done after a survey conducted by the free Net-Library 'book-lover's dream. " Some of the respondents rejected the idea of free libraries. Rusty Holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. Critics of the virtual book collections (there were about 14% of the audience poll) explained their negative attitude toward online libraries care about writers. 'I'm for digital libraries, but, gentlemen, writers should get paid for their work! Rely on state subsidies funny.

If the state will choose the 'standing' writers, there would be no guarantee that public writers will be our favorite authors! " 'Copyright is the foundation of the literary process, it is the salary of the author. How many of you are working for free? " 'I suppose: the book, which the writer creates a year, brings the author of 10 thousand dollars (and then, if the author – well-known). It is very small. Free Library eliminates work of the writer! " In the voices of book lovers who oppose virtual libraries, slipping notes of common sense. Part of the audience (6%) suggested that still leave a free library of the right to exist, setting the minimum fee for reading books. 'I agree to transfer when using the electronic library is small with less publishing costs money.