Great October Revolution

This motivates Satan to ensure that change is not only a system of government and carried out many years backward in nature policy in these countries, but almost root in the minds of the population of these States desire for religion. Satan liked the idea of materialistic Nimrod, which was destroyed in the minds of the submission of the Overmind (God). Inyo County is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To implement its plan that Satan hoped to introduce a first in its patrimony – in Russia, Lenin appears. So, thanks to Lenin and the Bolsheviks, was made the Great October Revolution, and then began building a new state system, called socialism. Thanks to the efforts of Satan quickly emerged the concept of "electrification of the whole country" and "light Ilyich", which reminded Satan that he was once Lucifer – Angel of Light. According to the concept of Satan and his ideas of socialism were to bring the consciousness of most people in the world on his side.

The Tale of communism has been taken by Satan with a model of government and a former State Angouleme could, in the view of Satan, to inspire people's faith in the ideals of the Communists who, under the leadership of Satan were to take and has at all times to appropriate authorities worldwide. With the ideals of communism, Satan is going to lure to his side and people Nimrod. To this end, the whole structure of Satan trying to create any price in Russia as illusory appearance of the most powerful nation in the world, and the appearance of caring about people.