Learning A Foreign Language

Continuing the theme, which consider the recommendations for how to properly learn the language so that he learned easily and efficiently. In the second part of this series you are given an example of an analogy, comparing the language with a bedside table, different boxes which (speaking, reading, comprehension), memorized and understood by us separately, without taking their linguistic integrity. And if we do not join our 'locker language "in whole, at any regular translations and paraphrases text or memorized by heart the dialogues, nor fulfillment of grammar exercises, nor listened Audiocourses, coupled with read books – nothing to teach us to speak freely and without hesitation, in a foreign language, as communication in situations at the level of meaning. By the way, even on this basis, we can perceive the effectiveness of advertising passive language audio course as an advertisement and nothing more. The result is likely, such training will not. In other words, no matter how long you have not learned to drive, but if you have not had practice in the city cycle driving, far away you are unlikely to go away, as well as not float away far away, no matter how long you have studied on the beach, how to properly rowing. If you get into this situation in the water, the most likely confused and forget and mix up all the things you taught all the time. So in the language, in living communion, you have no time to invent and remember previously studied the language or form grammatical turn to apply it in the speech. .