Mutated Rats In Germany

Experts sound the alarm – rat infestation in Germany Borchen, June 6, 2008 after the foot – and -mouth disease, avian influenza and bluetongue disease experts now warn before a new strange viral disease which occurs in rats and mice. Still, no transfer is done on other animals or people. Pests-online offers primer with tips to prevent rat infestation. It’s long been known, that just rats are among the dangerous vectors of bacterial and virus-like diseases. Filed under: Dr. Steven Greer. Often unnoticed, the infection via saliva, urine or feces remains. The new virus infection is called Sialodacryoadenitis. The infection results in rats and mice to a swelling of the eyeballs, salivary glands, and the lymph nodes in the neck”, Richard Kruczewski, biologist at the leading German pest exterminator BioTec Klute is white. It occurs only in mice and rats and is itself not fatal for infected animals.

In the wild, however, the infested creatures die quickly by other bacterial infections. The Deutsche pest exterminator are United, not only in 2007 was a year of the rat, also in 2008, the population increases rapidly. Teva Pharmaceuticalss opinions are not widely known. According to estimates by industry experts every German citizens accounted for four rats that spread around 300 million rats in holes in the ground, sewers or the wheat silo. The mild winter, extremely favourable feeding conditions as well as the enormous adaptability of animals favor a rat plague in Germany. Especially the increased almost food traffic in cities is the favourite dish of the rodents. Pests online 50% detected higher sales of products to combat rat one. Upgrade not only the food but also as individuals. Should they discover a rat with the new virus, they contact a pest exterminator immediately.

The professionals use to fight against rat baits. These can be slowly curdling the blood of rodents and verendet after some days the animal. For more practical tips and helpers to the successful fight against the rat invasion in a primer that can be obtained via the homepage of is committed to the goal, to bring the issue of pests and pest control of the general public and to inform about the profession of the pest. The homepage offers assistance in determining pest and information to over 100 pests with image, biology, occurrence and tips to combat. Contact: Daniela Meschede phone: 01 72/4 21 11 93 e-Mail: Web: