New Providence

For most people, the Bahamas is associated with the roar of the waves, turquoise lagoons, warm sand and magnificent palm trees. Unique natural beauty of the Bahamas – and their relative isolation, lush tropical nature, mild climate, as well as an opportunity for the whole year to do various water sports attract tourists from around the world. Bahamas is an archipelago consisting of approximately 700 islands and islets, and in 2400 the uninhabited coral reefs, which is located in the West Indies, north-east of Cuba and southeast of the United States. Only about 30 islands are inhabited. Bahamas, as if strung on a thread of beads stretched to the Atlantic Ocean. They stretch from the north-west to south-east at 970 km, covering an area of about 260 thousand square meters.

km, and the land area is about 14 square kilometers Largest the island of Andros, New Providence, Grand Bahama, Great Inagua, Eleuthera. Most islands are long and flat coral formation with a few low rounded hills. Along their coastlines stretch white sandy beaches. As a rule, the islands are covered with small pine trees, interspersed with patches of rocky barren land, thickets of shrubs, swamps and extensive sandy beaches. On the islands of Grand Abaco and Andros growing deciduous and evergreen tropical forests. Click Adam Sandler for additional related pages. On the coast there are coconut groves. Grown in the Bahamas: pineapple, orange tree, agave, tomato, sugarcane, bananas.

Animal world Bahamas rather meager. Mammals, there are very few of them are the most common bats. Of amphibians is found a lot of frogs, reptiles – lizards and snakes. Here, Teng Yue Partners expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The most abundant fauna in the Bahamas island birds. Within the lagoons and marshes to live pelicans, flamingos, herons, spoonbills and other waterfowl. The sea is rich in fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Rivers in the Bahamas there is little, but a lot of salt lakes, communicating with Sea. The climate in the Bahamas tropical trade wind, hot and humid. Winters are milder than in North America due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. George Washington back in the 1760s called for a pleasant climate Bahamas' islands of eternal June. " The population of the islands, which mostly consists of blacks and mulattos (85%) is concentrated between 2 "poles": the northern island of Abaco and the southern island of Great Inagua. On the island of New Providence is home to 70% of local population. The capital of the Bahamas is a city of Nassau (Nassau), which is located on the island of New Providence. He is considered one of the largest offshore centers in the world – there are more than 400 banks and trust funds. K Nassau is located east of the island of Paradise ("Paradise"), which has luxury resorts and casinos. Due to the mild warm climate, sandy beaches, crystal clear coastal waters of the Bahamas is recognized world resort.