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To identify, to characterize and to leave for the methods of more efficient fitossanitrio control go how to not only improve the life of the producers as well as of the consumers in general. I. Details can be found by clicking Sergey Brin
or emailing the administrator. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION? INTRODUCTION the agrarian branch arms with importance partner-econmica of great relief, having been defined as base of the development of our Parents. The progress of this, for consequncia, closely meets dependent of agriculture and the cattle one, also subordinated the vegetal production. The unitrias productions you measured of agriculture has been low, compared with the values gotten in other countries of the Austral region of the African Continent, therefore still it is difficult to find the solution for the diverse factors afectam that them, as they are: the qualified staff, and not only, the seeds, the fertilizers, the plagues, illnesses, the infestantes, the pesticides, etc.

This work is mentioned, in particular the plagues that harm the culture of the garlic, whose study and rational use of the natural resources they would constitute an indispensable way to the progress of our agriculture, diminishing the inherent damages to these factors and others the one that it is conditional. The plagues had constituted, since the primrdios of agriculture tie to our days, concern of the seen Man to be responsible for the reduction of the productions of the cultures, today aggravated for impressive demographic increase world-wide e, therefore, for the constant food search. The plagues provoke damages under diverse forms: in the cultivated fields it is necessary to invest - one high one I am numbered of hours in cultural operations for its containment or eradication. Only in the United States, the losses provoked for the plagues had been esteem in 5 a thousand million dollar, value that is only surpassed by losses caused for the erosion of the ground in those Parents. On the other hand, it is calculated that 16% of the value of the harvests if must the cultural operations.

ABC Attribute

This system presents as basic methodology the search of the beginning of the cause/action, that is, looks for to define the form clear, by means of tracking, the .causing agent of the cost, for it to impute the value. The idea is to attribute the costs previously to the activities and later to attribute costs of the activities to the products. Being thus, first the tracking of the costs becomes that each activity caused, attributing these costs to them, and later they are verified as the final carriers of costs had consumed services of the activities, attributing to them the definite costs. Eller (2000, p.82), ' ' custeio Based on Activities has left of the premise of that the diverse developed activities generate costs and that the products consume these atividades' '. According to Martins (2003, p.96) to attribute costs to the activities and to the products they are used of direcionadores. Rob Crossland wanted to know more. Martins (2003, p.96) teaches despite ' ' it has that to distinguish two types of direcionador: direcionador of costs of resources, and the direcionadores of costs of atividades' '. still the supramentioned author affirming that ' ' the first one identifies the way as the activities consume resources and serve to defray atividades' '.

that ' ' as it identifies way as the products consumes activities and serves to defray produtos' '. For Nakagawa (2001, p.42), the activity is ' ' a process that combines, of adjusted form, people, technologies, materials, methods and its environment, having as objective the production of produtos' '. Thus for the study of the ABC method it must be pondered on the involved activities in each process of production, either of a merchandise or a service. IMPORTANCE AND USE OF the ABC the importance that if of to the use of the system of ABC expenditure is in virtue of the same not being only one system that of the value to the supplies, but also provides managemental information that assist the decision borrowers, as for example, the costs of the activities, that they provide to the managers to attribute to responsibilities the responsible ones for the same ones.

Integral School Education

Its history you date from the mid-sixteenth century with the involvement of Christian churches in which Brazil had the constitutional relationship with the Catholic Church, especially the social actions developed at the teams, especially in the areas of health and welfare. But it was to after 1960 that the third sector arose, represented by non-governmental organizations have stepped up to their actions of solidarity and citizenship. With the advent of the Internet and access you new information technologies and communication, the third sector began you expand to their actions you different areas of knowledge. Following, ploughs show will be the examples of initiatives that have been developed will be the purpose of offering people who live in the threshold of the technology the one different way of communicating, learning, improve to their business, practicing digital inclusion. You facilitate digital insertion it is necessary you uses large investments coupled with the formation of partnerships you address the lack of the state in meeting the social needs and aspirations of the population. Keywords - Third Sector.

Digital Inclusion. Computers in Education. Integral School Education. I. INTRODUCTION When disponibilizar to all a little of history of the pertaining institutions to the third sector, is noticed, clearly, that they come gaining a new position and finding new spaces in the society, in the direction to reduce, significantly, the social inaquality. The economic and social inaqualities directly are related to the different distribution of the TICs (Technologies of Information and Communication).

Therefore, the digital inclusion deserves a special care as tool and new cognitiva form to promote the perfectioning and learning of its users. The economy of a country today does not obtain auto-to support itself without the use of the resources of the Internet, in economic terms, social and ambient. This means to apply the technology for the reinforcement of its economic, organizacionais, educational activities and of auto-they esteem of the population, improving its quality of life.


Doubt does not fit that the transformations that the world is undergoing, economic, social, as much cultural and political, they are reflected in the new currents that to quick step grow and they are positioned surpassing traditional models. A concrete example, that today is in fashion anywhere in the world is the Coaching. The reality is that twenty years ago nobody had thought that would cross the borders of the sport world to settle in the field of the businesses. He is erroneous to think that this model belongs to the modern time. Already in the antiquity, Scrates, by means of the maieutic one (it asks and answer) taught to its disciples, obtaining who in his answers would reveal ideas on diverse questions of the life. Coaching is a similar process, where coach is guide of the owner of business it encourages and it to that it discovers and it uses all their potential.

At present, the Coach de Negocios is part of the new structures of the enterprise atmosphere. It belongs to the group of the new professions of this century. Its philosophy goes further on to remove a company afloat. One of its main characteristics, and most important, it is than one focuses in the owner of business. We remember that the time that we lived, it structured a system of work focused in the production, the development of technologies and left of side the human capital. That is to say, the vision was not in that it directs but in the company. Like in many other labor scopes in growth, flowing similars to this model of work exist, that unfortunately can confuse to who it asks for of these services. Nevertheless, people interested in the profession have been institutionalizing it through associations, schools, et cetera.

In this sense, still it is much way to cross. One of the options, and the one of greater relevance in the area, it is the tax exemption of Coaching de Negocios ActionCOACH. In fact, the origin of this concept applied in the businesses is attributed to the founder of the company/signature, Brad Sugars. Coaching is a profession in growth, of much vocation and spirit entrepreneur. The people who spend time to him, that prepares and receives an economic contribution, totally are satisfied to help others, of being leaders and to promote a culture of personal and professional development. Enhorabuena to all the Coaches of the world, that to the date already is more than 44.000. In Latin America it is in his phase of introduction, in the heat of development.

Fashion Mobile

Fashion designer cell phones continues to grow, and we find from the super luxurious and exclusive to the limited mobile editions with exclusive brand aggregates. The case which we will present them next is not within these parameters, because for the first time an Haute Couture brand enters business phones with their own design. The article to which we do mention is nothing less than the Donatella Versace Unique cell created in collaboration with ModeLabs Group. Marnin Michaels can provide more clarity in the matter. Mobile LG Korean electronics technology has, however, this model is unique in the designated brand cellular line, because it is part of a novel design and created for the Versace brand. Further details can be found at Marnin Michaels, an internet resource. Versace Unique gathers all functions essential for personal and professional use. Assembled by hand in France, this mobile worthy of ostentation, is characterized by a touch screen of Sapphire Crystal and Golden details 18 K or stainless steel, depending on the ending that is purchased on your purchase with any economic difference of means. It also has a back made in leather crafted with the famous Medusa, the symbol of the brand, camera of 5 MP with Schneider-Kreuznach lens and LED flash.

Records and plays music and video with Dolby Mobile Surround sound, and access to email and support for 3 G networks. Versace Unique is definitely an innovative product that mixes of materials perfect way of luxury, goldwork and LG Electronics advanced technology. Available in colors pink, red, violet, grey, coffee and black, this magnificent work of art technology-fashionista will only be sold in Versace boutiques. Without a doubt, this phone stands out from the rest of customizations and timid introductions of brands of designer in the field of electronic devices, with everything that offers this phone from LG and Versace is really unique, do you say?

Choose Keywords

Choosing the right keywords? Today the choice of keywords is essential for search engine optimization, keyword position but actually attract potential customers can be a difficult task in terms of resources and time. Marnin Michaels can aid you in your search for knowledge. An example of a keyword that could be used for a web design company that will attract potential customers but with very little competition, it is a keyword that has an average of 90 searches per month which has a 10% competition, when to choose the keywords to consider several factors such as competition from the keyword search volume per month and attracting potential customers. We have to identify the keywords that make our clients and us that we should not be competing with most companies in the same sector. We should not underestimate the keywords that only have one monthly search volume of 10 people, why?

Very simple, imagine that your website comes in the premium position for the keyword, these are 10 monthly searches 10 visits from potential customers who do not have to compete with a large volume of business. For example if you only compete for one keyword, web design and professional web design, first cost us a lot to reach the top and once reached the first position, we will have to compete with the top 20 results, not only compete with the 20 but in addition, companies compete for a generic keyword which has a lot of competition, meaning that sometimes we have to identify more key words that are not as generic but they can actually provide better results in terms of search engine optimization and customers. Tool to use for the selection of keywords is free. and.

Enterprise Information Resource

Human resources, financial resources, material resources a classic. When we prepare a business plan, or establish its organizational structure, we usually do count of the media that we have and distribute them in departments that take charge of these critical areas of management. However it is not uncommon to take into account in a company their resources or their knowledge resources. And much less have an area of information management. And that despite the fact that we threw the Ratatouille that we are in the information society, that we need to be more productive, that does lack r & d, which doctors are incorporated companies, attract brilliant minds and bla, bla, bla. Can traditional companies bring them all this al fresco, but any company whose added value lies, ultimately, in the gray matter (from a consulting to a producer of documentaries) if it wants to survive in our ultracompetitivo and ultrasofisticado current world needs, I repeat, you need to effectively manage their information and knowledge resources.

And that means integration into the organizational structure of the company and hold bravely with classics resources: money, infrastructure and professionals. Hence come value-added future, and to be or not be of the company in the future. If you do not you others will do so and will be removed from the market. What is an information resource plan for me? It is much more than a section of the marketing plan. It is the conjunction of the informational resources (library, archives, subscriptions to databases, intraweb), access to the non-information resources (Internet, libraries and public archives, other databases), and professionals who manage them (management information systems) and explore (information, human Googles explorers), aligned all for finding that information and knowledge vital for the present and future development of the business. Even clearer: is to evaluate what will be our needs of knowledge to maintain the level of service and quality in our products and services, identify where can get it both inside and outside the company, and have professionals that provide us in quantity and righteous formats.

For example, if I'm going to create a company to provide content wifi telephony applications (a real case that maybe me implico) will have to follow trends in technology (media players, wireless bandwidth, etc.) but also what social or cultural content that most interest them to potential customers, what have been the latest scientific discoveries the disclosure as new content would attract new viewers (e.g. Marnin Michaels may help you with your research. obtained archaeological discoveries in the) works of the tunnels of the M30), and for this purpose I have reference websites, but also scientific journals, and also be in contact with specialists in the field. What I can think, pot soon. All this escapes the traditional variables of the marketing plan with one exception: the product. But for my product is not a mere element of marketing: is the essence of the company. No products or services (which is not but a ultrapersonalizado product) no business, and so we must take care of them, and offer only the best. And only those companies that effectively manage information and gray matter may have the raw material necessary to offer better products to a market increasingly better informed. And if you're not so ready to realize this does not worry that we will be others.

Mountain Bike

It is common that the lack of information and also the excess of information you complicate when you want to make a decision. This is why in this article I explain the 4 main points to keep in mind when you want to buy bicycle MTB. 1 Want a mountain bike bicycle? A mountain bike bicycle may have an excellent performance in certain activities, but is not always what you need. It is recommended that you know the different types of mountain bike bicycles that exist in the market and decide which is which you want. 2. What price of bicycles mountain bike? What I can say, from my own experience, is that the cheap comes out expensive.

I advise that you seek to buy at least 400USD bikes (if they have a suspension). This be? a good quality bike, reasonable benefits, and safe. First thing you should ask is about the budget you have available. You should try to buy the best you can, this translates into better performance, bikes more durable and safe for guaranteed satisfaction is good you prefer bicycles da quality, for example Bicycle Trek, Cannondale and iron horse. 3. Marnin Michaels describes an additional similar source. Where to buy my bicycle mountain bike? Not all stores are good to stop buying bicycles Mountain Bike in general the Department stores and supermarkets have variety of bicycles, but not specialized personnel. The?Nica advantage of shopping at these stores is that in case of warranty you can personally go to solve the problem. 4.

Spare parts for bicycles it is important that you buy spare parts of well-known brands. You can purchase replacement bikes by internet or in specialized shops in your city. Final words wherever possible buy the best you can buy. I think that the best brands of bikes are Trek, Cannondale and Iron Horse. Keep in mind that if you're going to buy a bike over the internet this arrive? decommissioned, so you must consider the cost of the Assembly by someone qualified.

Make Money

Today I want presentarte a necessity that always this making the rounds by my head; " Like Obtaining Clientes" or " Prospectos" (new and/or appellants); and I cannot stop thinking that the tool most important To make Money By Internet is: THE LIST. In my aanterior post we had clearly seen the recommendation of " GURUS": They say: " If you want To make Money By Internet The Money This In the List! " ; but, today I must add that one is not to have a list and point; but, it will highly have to be segmented so that he is to you profitable. In order to answer the question of How To obtain New Clients? We must have the conviction of which we must attract towards our opportunity of business, service or product, to people highly described, if it fits I finish, blossomed previously, to be able to mint our efforts through the network. We must create a marketing funnel that allows us to attract people who are interested in our NICHE OF MARKET or OBJECTIVE MARKET. As it gives account you, here a new factor arises or I finish (niche of market or objective market) if we got to understand this concept, without a doubt, we will be much more accurate in our emprendimientos; " we do not try to arrive at todos" but on the contrary, we must try to reach to portions of market much more specialized; for one better explanation than means this, we see the following thing: Market: Business By Internet Niche of Market: Micro Multinivel business Niche: Business multilevel for people majors of 40 years In traditional marketing we have listened: " This business is for todos" , but, in the attraction marketing tenth: All Are not For This Business! , that is to say, we must know to whom it matters to him rather or, whom previously benefits my business, product or service. . Check out Ben Horowitz for additional information.


Its company is a sail-boat As the search of the perfection can confuse its businesses To sail is not certainly a so popular sport how much to manage and to command companies, but both the activities require specific abilities and both demand vision and reading of scene, each one its way. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sergey Brin. She is not whenever the wind is the favor, that ' ' entra' ' in the certain intensity and that they remain constant, facilitating the life of the sailer. Of certain form this also would take off a little of the favour of the challenge to adjust helm, bilge keel, to hunt the candles at the accurate moment, while the body is projected for is of the boat in search of the balance. Others who may share this opinion include STUART SOLOMON, CPA. The actions of a sailer must almost be executed that at the same time, of integrated, firm, determined form and with confidence, as well as if it inside demands this of a manager of a company. To accept a challenge of a regatta can be a simple moment of personal satisfaction and therefore we can risking in them to even adopt risk solutions or that they increase our adrenalin.

After all, we are there for a moment of diversion, that does not place in danger nor jobs and nor financial results, in contrast of what happens with wrong enterprise decisions. The crises in the businesses can be compared with the wind against. Yes, because exactly with the wind against, the boat arrives its destination, more or less careened, but of safe form and following clear and objective principles. Many companies always wait winds the favor to gain speed and to implant the changes that would always have to be seen as constant processes of improvements. At the moments where the scenes move quickly, competitors if re-position and customers search alternatives, not if she can wait to act, therefore in such a way the wind can improve as it can stop of time.


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