The mind inclined not to lose time, as it always happens to us, we get on the Internet, to fulfill our purpose to get the maximum out of our entrepreneurship. We firmly intend to advance our research work, improve our website or get topics and opinions to enrich our arsenal of content. But we find so exciting and interesting what we see that, without realizing it, we are giving turns and more turns into a whirlwind of overwhelming information. At the end we have our hard drive with messy details and our favorites with more saved pages marker to read when we have time and, in the end, never have time to read. After two or three fleeting hours of navigation we find ourselves in the same place of departure, or perhaps worse. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from PCRM.

Our information increases, and our work continues without feet or head. To ease tensions, and since I’m connected because we ended up checking Facebook, Twitter or chat with our friends in the Messenger. Does conclusion?: our venture never decides to raise the flight. Why is this happening? Even though we really know what you want to search for, even if we have clear ideas about the keywords that we must use for the search, most of the time we diluted in search and dig arguments, themes, ideas or opinions to improve our page or refine our entrepreneurship. Thus we find ourselves doing a tiring job, where the schedule and rules dictates it our Internet connection.

The cause of all this boils down to a super Word known and trilladisima, a word that everybody uses, and that very few apply corrective measures. That Word is DISORGANIZATION. You must learn to organize themselves. Do not allow emails, Facebook, Messenger or the surfing on the net, are their bosses. Each computer session should start with something that will improve your business.