Try to imagine how it will look your apartment. To start making measurements of each room, and then draw a room in a scale (the view from the top), along with doors and windows. Further measures the furniture, and also draw on the scale another sheet of paper. They write the words: wardrobe, bed, desk, etc. All this is cut with scissors, and impose on the drawing with the dimensions of the room. We arrange the furniture in a paper plan of the apartment. If you own a computer skills, there are special programs for planning your apartment, but you can do graphics for vector graphics editor, Corel Draw. Moving furniture on the paper, we more clearly, imagine the room after repair of an apartment.

Next Think about what you want to do and in what amount to meet. On this basis, we can look in the shops or on construction exhibitions (more efficiently) the necessary materials to repair the apartment. Rusty Holzer oftentimes addresses this issue. You should begin with the most sordid work, and think how they perform in a way that did not have to carry them out again. These repairs will include: leveling concrete floors, replacement hoses and new electrical wiring, installation of hidden socket, the alignment of walls, replacement of heating appliances, installation of doors and windows as well as all the work for which you need something hollow or gloss over the solution. You can start with electricians. Decide where to install additional outlets, and do them under the liner wires, but the outlet is not installed and connected to the board.