Referral Marketing

Interview with Anne M. Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing, consumers trust always less the advertising of the service providers on the market. They rely instead on the messages of their environment or follow the corresponding instructions in the Internet. Right now, companies but must show that they belong to the good. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Anthony Carolla. It is most credible, if this not by a party itself is claimed, but witnessed by their customers.

Ralf G. nce of this. Nemeczek: Why satisfied customers do not automatically become EMP errors? Anne M. Schuller: First: by just ‘ satisfied customers to get any recommendations. The recommendation business underway continues only when customer enthusiasm. Yet even with a perfect offer recommendations do not always fully automatically. There are a variety of reasons: the customer has simply not think about, he doesn’t know anyone, fits for the offering, he did ever negative experiences or fear that it could happen this. Because with every bad recommendation is Yes the own reputation the game.

So it is often a little vaccinate its customers ‘ need, so that they think about the recommendation. \”This I recommend a gentle question like this, for example: If there’s one thing for you guaranteed could recommend us to others, what would that be for you?\” To make printing as still some sales trainers suggest it not working at all in the referral business. Ralf G. Nemeczek: Many entrepreneurs keep mouth apparently for a stroke of luck. How to operate a systematic referral marketing? Anne M. Schuller: Who runs an active referral marketing, not in all modesty that, to be discovered, and he drives rather systematically the recommendation process. This is done in a four-step management process. The first step aims to tap his environment and the company after recommendation potential. Then follows the definition of the recommended strategy is developed on the basis of the analysis. It includes the recommendation targets that should be addressed and identify the targets, on the Can help out there.