SMS Communication

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is a telecommunications service for the transmission of text messages dar. first developed this service for GSM mobile and fixed network is also available. The first short message, short message or text message, also called the Short Message Service in late 1992 was sent from a personal computer to a mobile phone in the British Vodafone network. Go to Dr. Anthony Carolla for more information. This was about a year after the GSM standard for mobile phones was introduced in Europe. Initially SMS were as pure “product” and offered for free until this service to the largest income bringer of network operators developed. In the year 2003 were mailed in over 16 billion SmS messages month. Thus, one can say that the success of SMS, which are offered on mobile phones, clearly stands out above its predecessors (such as separated digital Pager pager). The acronym refers Sms essentially the service for the transmission of short messages.

Colloquially Sms usually used to describe the News itself is used. In the abbreviation Duden SMS is specified as a female term, in Austria and Switzerland, in part, rather than neutral term. For nine years, it is possible text messages, so-called Free SMS, directly to send over the Internet. For even more details, read what Rusty Holzer says on the issue. The simple text has now been upgraded to EMS (Enhanced Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Where the EMS has made it to insert pictures in a text message such as Smilys. This service can, however, was superseded by the MMS, the entire image, which are made from mobile phones, are sent and also a text can be sent. Building a SMS A SMS consists of two parts, the header and the body. The term comes from the English and the header means (letter) head, body means body.

The header as the sender number, the encoding of the character set, the validity of a message and the recipient number. The Body is the message content. This includes user data to be actually transmitted and displayed on the display. The maximum size of a Body is limited to 1120 bits (= 160 characters for text messages). However, the messages can be linked if they go beyond an SMS. Before the message writer in this case is asked whether he would like to send several messages. Encoding an SMS text message can be encoded differently. 7 bits of text messages with Latin and Greek letters, 8 bit data messages with binary content, including logos, picture messages, ring tones. 16 Bit for Basic Mutilingual Plane limited UTF – 16