German Time

Interview with the Romanian poet by Ciprian Marinescu, with the support of the Romanian of Cultural Institute is the pop Verlag, Ludwigsburg, 2009 giving out German translation. Robert Serban working author of nine poetry, interview, prose, and Memorialistikbanden, among other things as a journalist. And as a TV producer he adheres cultural programme in Romania for years at the top. Questioned the journalist Ciprian Marinescu has met the writer, who is in the daily professional publishing Chief of the Brumar Publishing House of Timisoara (RO), a little lit him \”and his plans… Next year, the pop Publisher from Ludwigsburg will issue your award-winning in Romania \”Cinema la mine-acas?\” in German language poetry.

Your home cinema us please describe\”while you anxiously wait for the translation. It’s all in movement, an inner and an outer kinetics like in the cinema because I, as long as I know I’m in constant motion. I can not tell them apart, because just at the Day, where I answer these questions, my daughter is 18 months old. She’s the one, which has brought a tremendous pace in my life and changed the priorities. A large part of my energy being swallowed by Crina, depends on how each girl to her father.

When I’m at home I listen to only \”PAPI, Papi\”, and dad is trying to do, to give her time and attention to other things. In this children’s world, I am again invaded and fascinated by her. Even though I’m a little frustrated, because I have so much time to read or write. Click Wayne Holman to learn more. However, I feel this time as a special, enriching experience. I’ll tell all these stories, I have experienced with my daughter, in my upcoming books. I was and am no literature fanatics and think that counts when writing the quality and not the quantity. The appearance of my poetry book in Germany is a very special moment.