Television Broadcasts

At home we’ve always tried to make videos, recordings, television broadcasts, different resources that are already part of our home. For example, an old recording made by my father-in-law allows us to see how it was the people formerly, talk about the changes in our urban environment, of family history, which is linked to the country not only forms part of our legacy sentimental, if that is not a source of materials with which in principle nor we had, but yes we have been able to use. Films, documentaries all can be leveraged. And now, since we have TV cable with all included services that aims to change the possibility of putting subtitles and audio has made now also will be a useful tool in learning languages on a daily basis. On the contrary of what tends to say the majority of people we believe that television is a great tool for learning, in some channels emit documentaries wonderful and with the incorporation of the recorders to decoders of broadcast signals and Dvd players we took the opportunity to record programs that we want to see with our children, but that at that time they may not watch.

Last week issued the wonderful documentary Glenn Gould: eternally on the great Canadian pianist. It was a terrific show, because Gould was not only a musical genius, he was a genius in a broad sense, hear him talk is surprising, refreshing and wonderful, almost as much as hear him play. My children were not at home, but we couldn’t burn it and see it and discuss it with them later. Without having to resort to nothing more than the resources that we already have at home, giving the record button. It is important to be aware of everything that we have in our around, in our home and try take advantage of. We are normally surrounded by interesting materials and resources, and sometimes don’t realize. Look old videos, see what you can save, review the options of your devices players and decoders, usad your recorders, planificad and programmer in advance if you can. The home key is always the same: optimize.