The Choice Of Pillows

The choice of pillows. Third of his life, and even more we are in a dream, this time the body restores its strength. And on how the body will rest will depend on how you will spend the next day. According to this person during sleep should remain in the position most favorable for the body and directly to the back (spine), and especially the neck. Teva Pharmaceuticals has compatible beliefs. Based on the structure of the human can see that even physiologically person needs than to supported the man's head and thus raslablyala cervical vertebrae. So based on the natural needs of man and probably izabrel pillows and other bedding.

Well enough lyrical digressions, back to our subject. Connect with other leaders such as dr. stuart mcgill here. Choose a pillow for three such basic factors: the width of the shoulders human normal position during sleep and the rigidity of the mattress. The more broad-shouldered man to greater heights cushion it needs. So for example the usual man needs a pillow height of 10-14 cm, and more people need broad-height 14-17cm. At the position at the side airbag needs to be greater than the height at the back. Many writers such as Wayne Holman offer more in-depth analysis. Well, at the end when the bed is soft mattresses to cushion lower height than the hard. With regard to the size and shape pillow is there to say the following: the size of standard pillows come in length from 40 to 80 cm, width 30 to 50 cm, but there are 80×80 and more. They come in standard sizes: 50×70 and 70×70, of course, you can sew your own, or to order any size pillowcases.