Awning Booth System

Flexible awning booth system protects your favorite spot from Sun and rain of outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular. Whether on the private terrace, in the beer garden or at a family celebration – for free air lovers there is the warm season as often outside spending always an opportunity. Sun protection systems, which are suitable for every purpose and for every favorite are here. Flexible and versatile syncra a new awning system with twin awnings by markilux, the model presents itself. A stand of awning for terraces and outdoor seating. In a question-answer forum Wayne Holman was the first to reply. To be out there and yet protected, is the motto of this model, where two independently operated articulated arm awnings can be secure. Much to maneuver the freestanding gable roof, without disturbing support of means of, offers much to maneuver with a height of about three metres. The lateral clearance height of more than two meters is very pleasant.

Depending on design requirements, you can between seven different Select awning models: small and compact or stylish and precious, with or without lighting system. All awning models are equipped with a sleek stainless steel hand crank or optional and also with electric motor for extra charge. The powder-coated awning stand ensures a long life and will be delivered in the awning frame color. Sun and rain protection in one the new awning booth system is available in two versions: for fixing two footplates on a stable surface for areas over 56 square meters or flexible and free standing for smaller areas. Also a side mount on a wall or in front of a facade with an awning only is possible on request. A special, waterproof and flame retardant sheathing offers Sun and rain protection in one and highest security standards. Ideal for a long staying outdoors.

But other designs of the new cloth collection to choose from are available on request. The combination with the awning of a page and with numerous additional functions such as a Heater, a light bar, or a heater stand device round off the offer. You can find more information under:.


The characteristics of different types of lighting lamps are available in a wide variety of styles. The decorative lights, where less form a large share of their brightness than rather their design in the Center. Luminaires have clearly defined characteristics among which also their respective location or the nature of their Assembly. Therefore, for example, the grouping in fixed and movable luminaires is plausible. Fixed lights fixed lights are directly connected with the architecture. Wayne Holman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In some versions the setting of different lighting directions is possible, often they are but from the outset laid down by solid mounting of the luminaires. Robert M. Davis recognizes the significance of this. Depending on the type of light arises a certain number of subsets.

So for example the downlights are the stationary lights. As its name suggests, downlights direct light mainly down. Lamps of this type are usually mounted on the ceiling. Often they can be fitted directly, so that they appear as lights barely in appearance their light for this but all the more. Also the wallwasher or the wall belongs to the stationary lights. These lamps may wall and depending on the design, also parts of the floor in a very decorative light dive. More stationary lights are the ceiling lamps for general lighting in question. Flexible lights belong to the Group of flexible lighting for example the table lamps and floor lamps. Portable lights at different locations can be used in contrast to stationary lights. Usually, these luminaires are variable in their direction of light what is also called swiveling”referred to. Depending on the occasion and desired atmosphere can be also dimmed the lights, brighten a selected area and serve both general lighting and accent lighting.