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It is critical casualties indicator of workers in the company, with a cumulative total until the end of 2007 of 75 workers, and directly proportional to the previous result, the cumulative index of fluctuation of the labor force is caused by a low 12.6%, a rate calculated only taking into account the record of casualties in the period, as it really changes the impact of income from disproportionate workers (a total of 177 employees during the period of 2007) to the company, the accumulated net fluctuation in light of all the turnover of workers is 38.2%, doubling in terms of number of workers admitted with respect to those of low, this indicates the instability of the workforce in this period in the company, the major contributions to this first incident caused by low are in units of Holguin, Pinar del Rio, Mariel Base Warehouse, Process Management and the Group Sales and Purchase of the Company. Analyzed the situation and described above is palpable and visible make enormous efforts to train and train technical staff, providing opportunities for improvement specialist covering evenly and gradually to their specialists, expanding their professional horizons and that may help to increase Culture Organizational organization, which is a key element in job security. Given the property of the company's steady progress in IT, will be a strength of the organization to assume the situation described above regarding the situation of human resources in the enterprise in the pursuit of efficiency, creating new workers in developing embedded, and thereby increase the intensity of human capital through training and training received by older workers experience and / or recruitment of trained personnel to handle the new technology to cope. Get more background information with materials from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. This will have its counterpart in the analyzed variable salary, salary increase from proven and, therefore, human capital, ie the desired effect, and if the company policy is to increase the average education level will to increase incentives for that purpose, increasing human capital, again the desired effect. In any case, an increase of labor income will reflect more on human capital involved in the production process in the following section will analyze the current situation in Information System company, from the values defined in the paragraph and the impact on the fundamental problem of this research. "New information technologies (ERP, CRM, knowledge management tools, Internet, etc..) Provide substantial improvements in the attraction, retention and loyalty of the best professionals.".