Veronica Salad

Veronica salad is a light dish, very good as a main dish. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill. IngredientesCubos of chicken (see recipe for Chicken cubes) rocket 200 (Avocados) 2 unidadesChampignones 50 gAceite of olive gPaltas 10 cm3 Preparacionsi Chicken cubes were in the freezer, thaw them. Pour the olive oil in a pan on fire, wait a few seconds to heat and add chicken. Some contend that clothes for tall women shows great expertise in this. Initially leave the chicken for a few seconds without moving, and then go stirring to achieve an even sauteed. Add salt.The chicken will be cooked when all of its sides are of a yellowish-white tone.

If you prefer a more pronounced taste, continue cooking the chicken until you take a slightly golden color. Cut the avocado into cubes and mushrooms into thin slices. The rocket can be left uncut or can cut sentences in half of the leaves. Finally, mix all ingredients. Dressing opcionalUna time done chicken remove cubes from the pot but leave it in the fire. At the bottom there will be sediments with long concentrated flavor; You can Deglaze (see what Deglaze) and use the liquid for a dressing, mixing it with olive oil, vinegar and mayonnaise.