Holistic Healing Method

The Dorn method – alternative healing methods help to self-help for everyone are on the rise so show the surveys and statistics on this subject. The Dorn method is one of these methods. Dieter Dorn developed from the Allgau farmer about 1975, it has become the help for many people with joint pain and spinal problems. By thorn Congress 2007 in Wurzburg, now all video DVDs on are available. So, this valuable information of the general public be made accessible.

Were the highlights of the presentations at the spine Congress in Wurzburg: Thorn and movement, spine and meridians posture of the spinal column – expression of misaligned teeth? Spine problems – mirror image of your teeth? The Dorn method as a central diagnostic and therapeutic element in an orthopaedic practice save power with muscles talk: affecting the muscles through the use of mental powers with the Dorn method and other self helps fit up in the highest age Dorn treatment with severe pain – the upright gait and the root of the spine: A practically shown Dorn treatment for severe pain. (Herniated disc). Basics of the Dorn method anatomical physiological and therapeutic requirements of a holistic method, what distinguishes a healer? What does really heal? What are the rules and commandments can given the patient on the way?.