Multi-level experts not to old school to say: you stay with one company only multilevel, if you persist in four or five years will get the financial freedom you desire. A related site: Rusty Holzer mentions similar findings. I certainly do not disagree with this statement, “Because I trust my future to just one letter? The idea is to show full confidence in what you offer, focus all your efforts to one company: put all your eggs in one basket. >. Sure you could run a risk rather important: the company will have completely caught the eggs (sorry I have a hard time doing this play on words) gamble years of your life on a single card is at least risky and really have shortsighted business: you can get into bad company, may begin to get bad reviews of the company everywhere, you can drop in a company with bad management team can take a beating in the media will like what happened a few years Amway promotions in Spain or if you can find nutritional supplements that the pressure the pharmaceutical industry to ban your product ends Ultimately you lose years of your working life and you run out of anything. Curiously, it is one of the arguments used by many multi-entrepreneurs, the say: what will happen tomorrow if you lose your job? You can follow these experts telling you that you focus on a firm course in his, and not, or can think for yourself and realize that you have income from various sources. .