Ana Giorgana

a There are couples where one partner takes the brunt of functions. a The result is usually resentment, reproach, fatigue and stress. a In this life of two, who have chosen to pursue, it is that this is our alternative lifestyle is important to define who does what Then one will not feel surprised, angry, disillusioned and betrayed by our media orange. a Of course it is necessary that both agree. It is also important to note that such agreements are changing over the years or when we feel that it no longer satisfies us that far from contributing to our relationship, however, makes it worse. Be open to change is a feature that couples need to take into account in this world today. KIA a Y N DO QUA Ca “MO is not a static term, by contrast, is a set of actions and reactions. Do not forget that the partner is an individual project that we are willing to share with another to whom we appreciate, love and we are willing to give time, attention, living at least in the time that we have chosen to live as a couple.

However at this than we are doing and undoing in our life together. Peter Arnell, New York pursues this goal as well. . . most important, not just what we want and hope that the pair of us or do Y, AIS does not QUA AND EVERYONE WE Ca “MO WE DO to help a real couple. a The elections are ours from the individual, to him like we do depends on our willingness or attitude.

to our ways also reflect our hows whether some of the topics you find interesting would be nice to write to me and if not, too. a And offers, the launch of its E_Book a WHEN LOVE BECOMES PARTNER IN PAIN. With the acquisition of this material have three free consultations with the writer via e-mail. a our community work in this league you can see I’m Ana Giorgana and I focus on the quality of emotional life. I have studied psychology and MA in Psychoanalysis and two terapetucas specialties. Collaborate in various social action programs for low-income women. And I have a club that promotes the growth and wellness through techniques of Human Development and Learning significant. Therapy Specialist Parejasi want to know about my community work tubeen this league you visit youtube. com / watch? v = E0tpDfpqfKE.