Brazilian Association

However with a good politics of awareness, in the future we will be able to minimize or even though to finish with the problems with regard to the urban garbage in the city. The selective collection favors the reaproveitamento of the packings in the garbage and can generate a prescription for the cooperatives of catadores; c) implantation of adjusted forms more of treatment, the city must substitute lixes for controlled aterros and aterros sanitary; d) accomplishment of campaigns in mass, through pamphlets and posters, elucidating the problems that the residues bring when not treat; e) installation of contineres in places determined in function of the production of residues. The generated solid residues in a city are of certain form, a problem> ambient socioeconmico and, which depends very on the awareness of the population produces that them.

Therefore, it is necessary that clarification campaigns are implanted that introduce the notion of how much the generated residues can be reaproveitados, and the relation of these with the ambient health of the population and problems. During the carried through studies the lack of concern on the part of the inhabitants was verified and, mainly for the public power, how much to the problems above cited, therefore such responsible powers for a cleanness of the city carry through a work of collection of the residues which, in my agreement, needs many adjustments for otimizao of the cleanness services of the city. They are Domingos of the Araguaia is needing politics urgently you publish for the treatment of the garbage, as the selective collection for recycling and others, therefore if to continue in the way that if find today, the future generations gifts and will suffer the consequences provoked for the accumulation of garbage in the streets of the city. Thus Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques. 10004 NBR solid Residues classification. .