Brazilian History

But, to close the eyes for the racial question in Brazil is to abdicate to try to understand Brazilian history. The black still hardly is pointed as the responsible one for the inferiority of the nation, therefore its genocide for times, is understood as something natural. We could all perceive this when knowing the capital punishment that afflicted per years the black worker Vicente of the Espirito Santo, to the dismissed being so that the environment was cleaner, in situations as this, in the great majority of the cases, according to Abdias of the Birth, so that this citizen of black skin can reach some higher step of the socioeconmica scale, it will first need to abandon its origin, to forget its roots and to construct a subjectivity characteristically white, by means of the obligatory miscegenation on this Birth assevera that, Since the former-slave if becomes citizen, Brazil if became a black country undeniably; circumstance that the white dominant elite could not tolerate. The scientific theories of the time said that the black ‘ ‘ it would remain forever as basic reason of our inferiority as povo’ ‘. It was necessary to finish with it. (…) And thus the genocide starts, in this century, of the black people of Brazil, two ways: through the physical liquidation, starvation, illness not taken care of, and police brutality; subtler it is the operation of the obligatory miscegenation..