Diet Recipes In September

Early fall is famous for its mushrooms and watermelons, which is well can be used to establish new dietary prescriptions. Dietary recipes with watermelon mostly mentioned among the sweet dishes or salads: striped berry clean, vitaminizing and makes a variety of eating habits. We bring to your attention a salad of watermelon, which are needed for a couple of cucumbers, a small piece of melon flesh, a little lettuce, basil (two or three sprigs) unsweetened yogurt or nonfat sour cream, salt and black pepper. All the chopping (to your taste), mix and season, it turns out not only original but also a healthy dish that promotes healthy weight loss. Dietary recipes with mushrooms differ excellent taste and the caloric content is well inferior to meat fat recipes. Offer to cook the mushroom pilaf, which caloric (200 kcal) is uniquely included in a list of dietary recipes. So, we need two or three carrots, 3 onions, a pound of mushrooms (you can take any mushrooms), a glass of rice, your favorite spices, cooking oil, meat or chicken stock, salt. After washing and brushing all, and then cut into small pieces (Vegetables can be grate), all products except rice should be fried in oil (to fry mushrooms separately from the carrots and onions, and then connect them). Until all are fried, rice is boiled until half-in half the broth. After all blended, pour the remaining broth, and then continues to stew for 15-20 minutes until the rice is dovarit, and the liquid has evaporated. For the beauty and flavor of the dish is decorated with greenery to your liking. Enjoy your meal and healthy weight loss!