Diet Tips

” If you become bored to eat the same every day ” , ” they are possible to be created several menus, or simply to be made the interchange of foods with its menu as a group. Using this method, it is only needed to count the calories, once when it is created its menus. ” I would begin by the creation of six meals – two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. Then remataria with a pair of sandwiches different fast and easy to do. Something as simple as an apple and a handful of nuts could do the work good. And if I am eating a pile, or simply it did not bother to me with the planning of my meals, I would like to follow these three simple rules of nutrition. 1. Eggs for the breakfast.

2. The lunch is always a salad and not a sandwich. 3. Dinner is always proteins and vegetables. Step # 6. I would not worry about the glucmico index, to eat six small meals to the day, not to eat carbohydrates, the food effect certain in my insulin levels, or anyone of the other details of smaller importance concerns half not even than some people they say.

Step # 7. Me permitire a pair of meals free every week, probably the weekend, where it enjoys some of my favorite meals. Step # 8. To monitor my progress on a weekly base. Although I measure my corporal composition, would not be a slave of the results (mainly because the tests of the body of greater composition are well-known inexact). I more would be interested in the form in she saw that me in the mirror, my levels of force in the gymnasium and the form which my clothes enter to me. Also I would like to fit to the things every week or two on the base of the results that she was obtaining. If I realized that my rate of loss of fat was being reduced, for example, I would like to make some adjustments ingestion of calories and soon to evaluate the results. Step # 9. I would be patient. Realistic expectations are not had little, like losing 25 kilos of fat in 25 days. Also I would like to accept that ” exists; limit superior” of the rate to which the fat can be lost. Due to this, my rate of loss of fat little by little would stop as it approaches to me objective. So in the first stages of my program, it could be losing 2-3 fat pounds per week. But as he puts, I would be happy with 0,5-1 pounds of loss of fat per week. If the plan of confused diet is catched in a routine with its a present and about the best way to lose fat of the belly very to only lose pound or here and there still skinny exercise after months (or years) to try to construct to the muscle and the increase of weight, then I can ayudarte secure the results that you are looking for.