Jean Pierre Jounet

Ignacio Ortega Writer a Shadows In the heart of Almeria, in any street, beggars sniffers open garbage containers, the kind of giant stink bombs around us, in search of food and old clothes. Around the air becomes stifling and foul smelling tomb while you are shooting dozens of flies towards you. a seem shadows at night, as these urban phantasmagoria that in the early days of cinema magic lanterns threw on the white walls of our seats, which are suddenly materialized in the streets as they do not own. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from rusty holzer. Glean and collect their loot from containers, like a grotesque scene of Valle Inclan. The scene is repeated every night. They are the new poor Almeria thrown there by the crisis in sight disturbing. a happens to one end of the city. At the doors of supermarkets and shopping malls on certain days of the week, coinciding with times in the stores get rid of outdated products, in ALS El Puche, in the area twenty, fish market, next to the headquarters of Mercy, in the street Granadaa Covered in darkness underground arise such marginalization and poverty that hides our comfortable society .

They remind me of a Wall-ea , that movie in the sales ranking of Americans who tells the tenderness of a robot left on earth who is collecting garbage. Can a piece of tin cables wake up full of tenderness that our poor? a If you stop and look at them you'll see are shadows, challenging, winners of his own humiliation to look wiser and sadder than thought possible. There they are, each one installed in their reality, their desires and their fears, in the burning center of their lives, which are unique and very important days for each of them and, at night, only the dim memory of a remember, drops into the sea of indistinguishable needs, vague traces of shadows starving procession. a Even the best social film by Ken Loach, or Jean Pierre Jounet fantasy in his films could record the sound idea of these shadows of life, it is impossible to pick up on images and the journey into poverty or the infinite diversity of its existence. a On the other side are those of the affluent society, such that their trash bags and properly disposed Every Day In the final analysis, our poor are left with no chance to sweep the streets, picking up litter or enter unemployment .