Middle Ages Mesenchyme

Assess the extent of its slagging according to label and identify at what stage you currently are. In medicine is very rarely mentioned such a huge body metabolism as mesenchyme. In addition to biological medicine and the direction of classical medicine is hard to find data on the mesenchyme. This study, which form the basis of traditional medicine. and Traditional medicine is based in ancient China. But not only China, a country of philosophers and observers was the founder of this method. About the theory of justification in the body not only of blood, lymph and bile, said yet Paracelsus and the existence of fluid in the body have a notion of the ancient doctors. If you remember, in the Middle Ages, doctors until recently used this method as a deflation of blood and it also reflects the approach, how to release the body of excess fluids from the accumulated homotoxins because they believed that they are concentrated there. And it is quite obvious, they really formed in liquid media. Lymphatic and venous vessels are taking back again from the mesenchyme and the biochemical reactions and the exchange process, which takes place there The main organs of excretion gemotoksinov There are three main body excretion gemotoksinov. I'll start, probably with liver, because everything that comes out of the air through the skin, from mucous membranes and with food, always gets into the bloodstream and enters the liver. The liver is filtering system of the harmful or beneficial to body substances.