Nervous System Disorders

This news somehow immediately reminded me of the old folk tale. Remember that in fairy tales always won the good fairy-tale characters who were strong and intelligent. Folk wisdom, by the people from time immemorial tells us: Be good, love each other and be healthy and happy. Let's look at the people who surround us, and we will see that their health depends on how they relate to others. But in our lives the opposite is true – we love ourselves, far more than the others. From self-love we can not see how to relate to neighbors, colleagues at work and just passers – yelling at them, sometimes with brutal. Remember the expression: 'Everything disease – from the nerves, and one – of love. " So, doctors state: a large number of diseases associated with disorders of the nervous system, and she, in turn, affected by our relationship, affecting the health.

Words of ancient sages of Love your neighbor sounds like admonition to future generations. They tell us that only through a good attitude to each other we can achieve welfare, including health. In his books, they tell us that we all linked, and therefore dependent on each other. To make someone good on a chain back to us even more good and do evil, of course, comes back to us even greater evil. Do good, love of others – and you will be rewarded. If you can not do it, then refer to the ancient wisdom, which is described in the Book of Zohar. And once again want to recall the expression of our lives: "There is nothing new, as well forgotten old".

Maybe it's already time for all open this book, written almost two thousand years ago, just for our generation. Because during our lifetime hatred between people peaked, and without work to unite the community and people we do not will go for love. Zohar was revealed only in our days, since the development of their desires, we were still, vegetative, animal and reached the levels of human-level, which requires, but does not receive spiritual filling. Therefore, it is today, we feel the crisis, helplessness, despair and disappointment in our lives. And so is revealed Book of Zohar, that we were able to make our patch – to reach such a communication system between us where we are all connected together into one whole. Boris Elias source – online newspaper One World