Guidelines of transparency for contracts for any of us, at one time, would be helpful have a little extra money to solve some unforeseen: payment of receipts of our home visits to private doctors (dentist, eye doctor) children on school trips gift home appliances troubleshooting unexpected Valentine’s day now, to who request a loan/credit of small amount with securityquickly and without paperwork in Spain? Initially everything seems easy, we just need a maximum of 300 euros to change, for example the washer, that fix it costing us more. We can not wait until end of month; the washer is one of appliances used in households and if we have children even more. What we do, we ask an advancement at work, going to our usual Bank or are asking a friend?, all these outlets carry a time or procedure or a commitment that does not We want to address. Therefore, having an extra money without giving explanations and in 10 minutes can be the best solution. With the arrival of the current economic crisis, the request for these loans has increased significantly and because of this, the European Parliament agreed a directive for action that would guarantee the maximum transparency for these small amount credits. The text of this directive aims to achieve a total harmonization to ensure that all consumers in the European Union can benefit from a high and equivalent level of protection of their interests, establishing series of obligations to contracts for consumer credit, such as that must be documented on paper or on another durable medium, among other things. While in banks and they are adapting their operational to this law, they continue to increase the number of claims in this regard. The Finnish group Ferratum Group branded in Spain, has already spent two years fulfilling this policy and continues to maintain the same policy of transparency towards their customers.

By all of this, the Ferratum group, branded in Spain (, promotes the values that guarantee treatment to an ethical, transparent and professional clients that allow them to feel satisfied and backed by a large prestigious company that cares about each of their customers. Small amount loans granted by CREDITOMOVIL.ES are intended to meet the immediate economic needs, an unplanned extraordinary expense, a gift surprise or even an unfortunate family breakdown. Thus they cover any need for unforeseen liquidity of its clients with total agility and assurance. More information at: customer service phone: 902052383 E-mail: Web: on Creditomovil Creditomovil of group Ferratum is a Finnish financial dedicated to granting loans of small amounts. Present in more than 15 countries in Europe, group Ferratum is leader in the market offering a quick, effective operational and transparent as a solution to problems of immediate liquidity. With loans of small amounts ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros and returned in a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution since the income into the account of customers can be effective in less than ten minutes.