Cement Production Line

The focus of this article-cement production line refers to the production line which composed of a series of devices. It is mainly constituted by crushing and pre-homogenizing, raw material preparation homogenizing, preheat decomposition, the firing of cement clinker, cement grinding packaging, and the other processes. Cement production line producing method The representative process in cement production equipment is the silicate cement production process, in this process, the limestone and clay are main raw materials, after the crushing, ingredients, Picado ground, we can obtain the raw materials, and then fed to the cement kilns burning mature, cooked material plus the amount of gypsum (sometimes mixing the material mixed or admixture) , finally, we can get the cement. Click rusty holzer to learn more. According to the raw material preparation, cement production equipment methods can be divided into dry process cement production lines (including semi-dry) and wet cement production line (including the semi-wet) these two kinds. dry-process cement production process. drying and grinding raw materials together, or by grinding the raw dried first material powder feeding dry kiln burning mature. But people also the raw material powder ball made of raw material, adding an appropriate amount of water fed into the kiln burning mature Lepol method, called semi-dry, it is still a kind of dry production method.

wet cement production process. Raw and gouache ground raw slurry feeding wet kiln burning mature. Wet preparation of raw slurry dewatering, made of raw materials after the block into the kiln burning mature method, called semi-wet, still wet production. The main advantages of the dry production are: low heat consumption (dry process kiln with preheater heat consumption of clinker for 3140 to 3768 kJ / kg), the disadvantages are not easy even raw ingredients, shop dust, power consumption higher. Wet production has the advantages of simple operation, easy control of raw ingredients, good product quality, convenient slurry transport, small shop dust, high heat consumption (consumption of clinker is usually heat 5234 to 6490 kJ / kg). Cement production line contains the following devices: cement rotary kiln, the whirlwind preheater, grate cooler Cement rotary kiln is the main equipment for calcining cement clinker, which has been widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. The equipment consists of the cylinder, the supporting device, with a gear wheel bearing device, transmissions, activity Yaotou kiln end sealing device, combustion devices, components, having the features of simple structure, reliable operation, easy production process control. original link: Mobile crushing station: Vibrating screen: