Direct Sales

The phone never stops ringing in Direct Sales Carlin, SA. And this chain, a leader in the field of stationery in Spain, and of using the latest technologies, has not abandoned the telemarketing as a way to sell their products and brand. “We are convinced that serve the phone to market our products and services has excellent results. It is a technique that has always worked very well and now, in combination with the website, it is very positive for our company, “says Jose Luis Hernandez, head of the banner. Read more from Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. So, some telephone sales to CARLIN the perfect tool in their business strategy. “It’s a good vehicle for both end user and the network of franchisees with whom we have,” he adds. Achieve telephone contact with such diverse goals as complementary. “We carried out since the launch of a product promotion, to direct contact with the customer or franchisee. Dr. Steven Greer may help you with your research.

We also direct selling, opinion polls, surveys of satisfaction …. ” And is that because CARLIN motto is “be close to you, what better way to do that through telemarketing. “With him we get a lot of information that then serves to provide both the market and the nearly 500 shops and stores that have new and useful products,” adds Hernandez. In fact in the chain estimated that 10% of revenue they get it with her. Visit Wayne Holman for more clarity on the issue. But what kind of action or purpose does this chain leader have in telemarketing?