Numerical Lotteries

Who has not dreamed of winning the jackpot in the lottery. Tedious waiting for the next rally, in the hope that it will fall out of your numbers lotto. Number, which is attached a certain meaning, of which, finally, will help solve all problems. And as often happens, once again missed. Who won? Have you heard such stories of lottery winners, from people who are frustrated millions jackpots? – Yes, I played for the first time, or – Accidentally bought a ticket at random crossed random numbers, and so on. Why do people who play for years, using the same options. People who buy bundles of tickets, use all kinds of systems, and finally gaze into their own dreams in although there is hope to see the cherished numbers that do not succeed? And maybe still is, some kind of regularity? We know that in our world, everything goes in circles, and many of the events and actions are repeated.

Here's another theory. Assume that numbers, which often fell to, say, in the summer, next summer, will fall with the same activity. Also take into account the numbering runs. We know that circulation considered in order to form even and odd. And if you take all the past circulation of your interest lottery, for example, 800 separate even from odd. Some work on this issue has already been done. Already a result of the analysis of all past editions, the popular numerical lotteries Russia and Ukraine.

And if you have not yet found its way to matching options, welcome, study your health! I will say that all this has not yet yielded the expected result. But this is just yet! Possibilities of the human brain, are endless. And if you give him more all kinds of statistics, I am sure that in the process of studying it will give us something interesting. And can and will manifest in a dream. In any case, who is looking for, he always finds it. While on the excluded, that the biggest jackpots, would get all the same random lucky. Good luck and great victories!