The Color

Now assuming that you already are in the part of the anger, well, do another exercise to raise your vibration one step further. Enters frustration, frustration calibrates higher than anger and much higher than impotence. To enter in frustration to do the following: begins to think that everything that is happening to you what are attracting because you’ve not been able to vibrate high and it is a normal consequence that you are beginning to learn how the law of attraction. Note: Date that guilt and frustration are two very different things, the frustration is similar to when you hit in the leg by accident. So you feel the frustration, it’s like you realize that your same did you by mistake. Be very careful not to fall into guilt because if you do your vibrations will fall a lot.

Once you enter in frustration it takes your power! Spends a few days thinking about what this happened by accident, and due to that ignorabas as you raise your vibrations but that it depends on changing your feelings and as soon as do you the universe/God will send you new things realize that your circumstances are equal to the vibration that you have been sending to the universe. And that if change your vibes will change things. > Part of the scale frustration Tip #3 devote yourself assuming you have entered in the frustration completely and you’ve come to feel that you atrajiste this because you did not know how to do it another way and that your vibrations are the only thing that makes that like a magnet you attract lack of money, labour etc. It now passes to the occupation. Occupation calibrates taller than frustration and now your feeling will be much better than the helplessness with which you started. Get a list of all outstanding things you have by doing and dedicate yourself to make them, escombra places in your home, writes to friends that you had not written, reads the books that you have earrings, get exercises in order, fill yourself with things to do, this will keep you busy and raise your vibration.

> Part of the scale occupation/ABRUMACION Tip #4 Marvel – after spending a few days in trouble and abrumacion climbing the scale again and looking for the sense of wonder. The sense of wonder vibrating higher than gratitude and is similar to the appreciation. Happens a few days to amaze you of our planet beautiful things, think of rivers, lakes, seas, animals, insects, birds, the color of the sky, planets, wonderful human body, the microscopic realm, fruits, vegetables, each country’s cuisine, music, cinema, theatre, dance, perfumes, cars, the inventions of humanity, large buildings, medical and scientific advances, the stars, the moon. you have much, much material for Marvel. From here occupies your mind at Marvel and thou shalt make the universe to deliver you the most wonderful things you can imagine. Everything attracts his equal. When you can take your time and mental energy in Marvel you’ll feel better and at this time I can assure you that the economic situation will be very different than it is now. And tell you someone who has gone through the same thing, everything attracts his equal.