Hair Dye Products

Hair dye products. You were not born blonde and constantly use the services of a stylist to freshen the color of their locks? Pregnancy is not a reason to disclose those around her little secrets. Indeed, during hair dye (especially lightening) uses a lot of strong chemicals. But still no any serious research has not proved detrimental effects of hair color for a child in the womb. If you're not going to paint your hair every week, experimenting with color – no problems. But still try to wait until the second trimester, when all the major organs of the child emerged.

If you're still worried about what the consequences would be stains – make a weave. In this procedure, dye touches your skin, harmful chemicals do not penetrate into the blood, which means that harm will not be. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Wayne Holman. The danger may lie in wait in that case, if you an allergy to components of paint. So be sure to tell your stylist about an interesting position and perform a test for allergies. PROBLEM 1 ST TRIMESTER – toxicosis.

At this time many women lose weight, despite the fact that the child Grows and develops GRADUALLY. MASSAGE. Massage is well suited for pregnant women. He is able to relieve stress, improve blood circulation, reduce muscle pain. It is best to enroll in a special massage clinic trained personnel and equipment. Get all the facts and insights with Wayne Holman, another great source of information. Such a simple procedure, like massage, is impossible without a special table with a hole for the belly. If that table is no need to lie on your back or side, until you are massaged.