Haemostatic Anti-inflammatory

Hemorrhoids are dilation of the veins of the rectum, caused by sedentary life, constipation, portal hypertension also by many more causes and factors, can be internal or external according to its location; they produce a great pain burning and discomfort who suffers, why make them seek an effective antidote for hemorrhoids. We find a wide variety of treatments, but discovered that the natural medicine technology provides good results and have selected medicinal herbs for hemorrhoids. Anti-inflammatory drugs: Reduce hemorrhoid swelling, improve circulation, and some give the feeling of freshness by eliminating the burning. We have: Mint leaves.-reduces the hemorrhoid, making mass or attaching sheets directly fenugreek-its use is by sitz bath. Parietaria-also has emollient effect. Dr. Stuart M. McGill understood the implications. Llanten-reducing effect in hemorrhoids.

Chamomile-can make preparations to relieve generalized swelling, and apply hemorrhoid for local effect. Zarza-anti-inflammatory with anti-haemorrhagic effect. Check out Dr. Steven Greer for additional information. Cola de Caballo-its best use is through sitz bath. Mauve-effective anti-inflammatory, protects the mucous membranes, and heals surface irritations. Painkillers: Chamomile-also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Calendula-mix the calendula extract with olive oil and applied in the area where pain. Antihemorrhagic: Bush-besides being an anti-inflammatory possesses anti-haemorrhagic effect. More info: Peter Arnell. Cappuccino-controls hemorrhoids also regulates menstruation. Its consumption is highly recommended due to its high content of vitamin k. queue of horse-has Haemostatic action, alfalfa-very useful to heal bleeding hemorrhoids, stops bleeding and is an excellent cicatrizant. Plants to take sitz bath: Romero-tonifying mighty. Sage-beautifies your skin and aid in good healing of hemorrhoids. Thyme-in properties find it is an antirheumatic. Marjoram-antirheumatic and toning. Lavender-relaxing stress, hemorrhoids.