Mortgage Holders

You have a mortgage? Then hang on! Few people know what is stress and constant voltage. Most banks offer a loan at an exorbitant rate of 13-15%. Took even a small one-room apartment, you sign under monthly payment of 20 thousand, or even 25 thousand rubles. Rusty holzer usually is spot on. Agree on the nose crisis and no guarantee that your work will yield a stable kind of money. Banks offer loans for 20-30 years, and this is when you think about all of life. Will you be able to pay 25 age 15-25 thousand rubles I think that not everyone is. It was quite late when I decided to give up the apartment. Under the contract, I had no right to sell or transfer its rights but lived assets, so this nuance much knocked my already shaky position. I agreed with the agency on exhibiting my apartment up for auction and it turned out I lost about 1 million. rubles, only paying 2va year mortgage. That you have a car? A little squeezed in the bank cash? And who can You hedge? Ask a question in which there are answers and I'm sure you make the right decision. In general, if you're not sure of its stability, think several times before committing to a mortgage.

North Cyprus – Real Estate And Immigration

Russian Northern Cyprus Earlier construction companies and agencies in northern Cyprus have concentrated only on the European buyers, but today all eyes are turned toward the east – on Russian promising buyer. Construction sites are translated into Russian, more and more developers offer favorite Russian mortgage on real estate Why is that? Apparently, all the same, "the curtain" over Northern Cyprus. More than 30 years the country was "in exile", which did not know or did not want to know. Possibly in connection with negotiations with 2 leaders all the world's attention has been closely following the developments in Northern Cyprus and the eu in recent years has invested large capital in the development of the country, and perhaps the inhabitants of the cis countries is only now learned that there is a corner of the world where you can get away and enjoy life. And, indeed, not even to mention the cheap property and the approximation of the status of "member of the eu, there are many places on earth where the sun shines 300 days a year, and where the winter months with a temperature of at least 5-7 degrees are calculated by two. Where else to find a place where the sea is clear and warm, products are tasty and healthy, and migrants 'drown' the last doubts about the correctness of the choice made in the form of "forever smiling Cypriot. If we talk about real estate – it really is, and remains one of the most cheap in the Mediterranean region. Take the south side of the same island – properties in two, and often more times more expensive.

Much has been written articles about the benefits of purchase in North Cyprus, the purchase of real estate leases, for investment projects and real estate pre-construction off plan, where there is a possibility to pay in stages and getting ready for the real estate, its price rises. The possibility of purchasing property here have not yet exhausted themselves. Of course, the adoption of a law by the European Court of Human Rights that all claims on the property, regardless of title status are dealt with by the Commission on Real Property without any – or damage the present owner, to "lift" from the place of those who stopped regular publication of the "illegality of purchasing property in the trnc." And residents decide to "tie up" their lives with a piece of paradise – Northern Cyprus. Welcome to Northern Cyprus!