Invitados Precedences

1. – Put in System: the one of greater importance to the right of the Presidency first, and the following person to the right of the Presidency second. Soon to the left of the First Presidency and to the left of the Presidency second. And thus alternatively we will be distributing to the guests by order of rank and importance. 2.

– Simple System or in line: from the First Presidency, of right to left all the guests by rank order or category are placed. This type of positioning is only accustomed to used when it is received standing up (airports, embassies, etc). If the presidency is yielded, yields that it will have to be placed to the left of the same and not to the right as it would seem to be normal. Also we must consider putting in horsemen and ladies, alternatively. And if for any reason it is necessary to join people of the same sex, the best thing will be to let men together, before leave several together women.

3. Social or Deprived precedence: The established one by custom or social norm, taking care of criteria less strict than the gathered ones by law, and that can give local place to diverse interpretations by traditions or customs. We can realise hundreds of combinations of guests based on ranks or hierarchies, types of tables, types of guests (only O-Men women), with one or several presidencies, etc. Also by the form to place the guests: in sense of the needles of the clock or by means of cartesian distribution (the most used), in the form of X. The best form to carry out a correct planning is to realise a table plane what is called, and to make with the list of guests the previous scheme of precedences based on the rank or hierarchy of the assistants.