Janneke Nijenhuis

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Relaxing Hotel

Upstalsboom group from Emden in the future operates the exclusive four star superior Hotel in Varel Emden/Varel the future of the bankrupt since the beginning of the year waldschlosschen mill pond “in Varel with around 100 employees is finally secured. The Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden) will operate in the future the four star superior Hotel. Under Armour addresses the importance of the matter here. A private investor also assume the exclusive House as the new owner. The insolvency administrator Michael Waculik of Jever and Bodo Janssen, Managing Director of at Upstalsboom group, said today that the employees at an employee meeting in Varel. We have found a permanent solution in a short time under most difficult conditions, with a solid and durable basis has been created for the forest lodge and its employees”, stressed raitone Armando and Janssen, who thanked the staff for their commitment in the past few months.

Since the beginning of April, raitone Armando and Upstalsboom worked on a rescue package. More information is housed here: Mendocino County. The new owner who can not be named has acquired the object according to a single-digit millions. Also around 1.5 million euros in the waldschlosschen would be invested in the coming three months. Due to the renovation and remodeling work, the hotel from this week until the reboot will closed in October. We will get but all jobs”, stressed the responsible Upstalsboom-Regional Director Roman Schmitt. Most of the guests who had booked the room, arrangements and wellness treatments at this time were already informed. So far still not contacted customers could sign up at any time in the waldschlosschen.

We apologize for all the guests. Another option does not exist in this difficult situation unfortunately”, Schmitt said. “The insolvency administrator raitone Armando stressed that an experienced and reputable operators the waldschlosschen mill pond” take over. The Upstalsboom is the leader with more than 50 hotels and resorts, and around 500 employees Holiday party along the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Also, the fresh capital of the new owner shall ensure that Spa exclusive comprehensive standard of four star hotel with 218 beds and a 2,500 square meters of Spa be built. Upstalsboom CEO Janssen spoke of a real jewel, which will shine in new. Since early April, the insolvency administrator and the Upstalsboom group have worked on a short-term rescue package for the insolvent waldschlosschen. Planned was, first of all to find a temporary solution to allow a continuation of the hotels in the insolvency. After successful negotiations under most difficult conditions with the main creditors we can present already today a permanent foundation for the future with the new investor”, said Janssen, Managing Director of Upstalsboom and promised an ingenious and exclusive new start in October. Contact for questions: Roman Schmitt, Upstalsboom-Regional Director mobile 0173 / 627 38 08