Arnold Schwarzenegger

The growth of muscle mass, decrease body fat in the body – is a gradual process, stretched in time. And to achieve them, you should regularly create conditions for achieving them, that is trained to comply with certain (not so onerous) schedule, follow some simple rules in the diet. Do not think that a month After working out with dumbbells you will become like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Do not think that will lower your weight by 30 kg per month by exercising with dumbbells. Any healthy process in the body is not made the jump.

He always takes time. Too rapid changes in body weight, metabolism, caused by a pharmacological or observance of extreme diets are always bad impact on the health and wellbeing. Hence, emaciated faces that have made "tremendous progress" in reducing their weight per week. Believe me, they are not successful in joy. Yes, and this result is short-lived.

Another thing to do so gradually, giving the body an opportunity adapt to new conditions of existence, allowing her mind to build a new image of ourselves. Man can not long remain thin after extreme weight loss, if his mind is not ready. Start always need to build self-image in their minds. Indirect benefits of training with dumbbells Regular training with dumbbells have a lot of positive side effects. -Getting rid of laziness. For many people, too lazy – absolutely unsolvable problem. Regular exercise will not leave from this illness stone unturned. -Improved posture. Sometimes decent posture determines the outcome of the meeting, conversation, dating. -The habit of discipline. It's just luxurious gift to yourself. -Knowledge of the body and its capabilities. This, in turn, confidence, charisma and charm. -Developing the ability to affect your body healthy. You may not believe me, but the people who train long enough to acquire some sort of magical power over his body. They may lose weight or get better before our eyes (for a week or two), costing them only want to change your weight. This is not an exhaustive list positive changes to people regularly Exercise with dumbbells