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Early last century, no one would have wondered black salt. Chetvergova salt has been on every desk – and the gentlemen farmers, manufacturers and merchants, students and priests. She was considered not just a condiment, a miracle drug. A Today, many have not even heard what it is. Out of pure curiosity, people are buying bags.

Try, sniffing, shaking his head in bewilderment: why do normal white salt burn? Never occurred to them that as a result of the firing turned unique eco-friendly and even medicinal product. Chetvergova salt prepared from time immemorial in Russia and only once a year – for Easter. However, about the whole of Russia can not speak, in the south or farther north such customary was not, but in the towns and villages of Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions, and in the capital, Moscow, Mother most important Christian holiday – Easter – without this salt was unthinkable. Last Thursday in front of a light Resurrection of Christ is pure. On this day, it was decided not only to swim in the ice and steam, there are many other customs.

These include cooking and black salt. Mistresses were wrapped in cloth plain salt mingled with jingoistic guschey, put it all in the old bast and put in oven. Someone added the shredded cabbage, some – such as herbs oregano or mint. When the salt turns black, it pounded, sieved. About became the ashes used as activated charcoal – for removing toxins from the body. The very same salt with Easter cakes and eggs brought to the church – to sanctify. Only with Chetvergova salt is allowed dyed Easter eggs. And kept it for a year, using as a tool for the treatment of various diseases of people. Someone will think ordinary religious prejudices. But here's a riddle: black salt actually has some unique features. It does not harm the joints. It can be consumed even by those who are salt actually contraindicated. Maybe not the saying that the salt and sugar our white enemies. Note: white! But after a burnout in a number of mineral salts is substances – potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, chromium. And what a delicious taste and aroma is given dishes! Sprinkle with black salt, salad or bread, buttered – it will now treat. Moreover, unlike the usual, it requires much less. It was long thought that black salt recipes lost. However, there were people who decided to start their recovery. They went into the wilderness of the Kostroma region. We went from village to village, asked old women. They were lucky: somewhere over Kadyem found the man, whom the old secret is handed down. To prepare the black salt furnaces need a special, special technology like salt stir. By the way, the quality of the black salt affects literally everything, even the wood used: only suitable birch. Now black has a chance to try any and join an ancient tradition, to discover centuries of proven properties of black salt, which is just out of habit called Chetvergova. After all, it certainly is not at all, when the salt is prepared. Just common salt with burnout (for a long time at high temperature) is another product with new properties. Much healthier and tastier. Try it!