Asian White Against Tanning

The paler the skin, the higher the class Pale skin has had an interesting development. Greek and Roman women used to do everything possible to whiten their face skin, the whiter your skin the face, which was considered more beautiful. Tan was out of the question. By using lead paints and chalks women put in great danger because that ancient beauty treatment could cause death by slow poisoning. It was too late when this was discovered. The obsession with white, “Porcelain” – like skin evolved beyond cosmetic reasons, increasingly associated with social classes.

Skin color became visible definer separating the working classes of the dominant classes. Click Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for additional related pages. A tanned skin disclosed a lifetime of outdoor work, those who wish to be accepted into high life had to conform to this requirement: white, not tanned skin. The pale skin, the highest in the class. Dr. Steven Greer has compatible beliefs. To achieve this, men and women had no limits, and any method, safe or not, was used as pale was extremely important. Asia: white skin is considered a symbol of femininity The tanning obsession and later, the sunless tanning craze took over the world. However, there are white “spots” in the tanning roadmap worldwide.

Asian people are not so thrilled with the golden skin. And this has much to do with their millenary culture, somehow reluctant to these trends. What Asian women have and not others? There are few differences to consider. Teams of scientists and dermatologists who have studied eight Asian cities (Sendai, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Harbin, China, Calcutta and New Delhi, India, and Manila, Philippines (representative of Malay skin) have reveal some interesting results: 1.