First Fasting

How to prepare for the first starvation? In order to reduce the severity of your first fast should follow some simple rules. First of all – should be well acquainted with the method of fasting. You must at least in general terms to understand the essence of this method – to know how to carry out fast, what trouble can occur during fasting and out of it. For it is desirable to read books of popular authors and advocates of the method, such as Paul Bragg, Yuri Nikolayev, Herbert Shelton and others, or read the relevant sections on our website 'Therapeutic fasting at home. " A rare man in the process of life can keep your the body clean, so before you start your first fast, you need to do some cleaning procedures.

The first step is to clean the intestines. It is best to conduct purification procedures per month before the scheduled time of fasting. The easiest way this can be done using conventional enemas. Most often this is done using the methodology of Dr. Walker, but you can use and cleanup of the intestine by Schadilovu, Malakhov, Semenova. Gives good results cleaning a monitor of the intestine. Colon Cleansing can help you to feel comfortable during your first fast.

After cleaning your colon you simplify your health during starvation, as well as help your body to more easily switch to internal power, reduce toxicity and hunger. In addition, you can spend, and other cleaning procedures – such as – cleansing the liver, blood vessels, kidneys and joints. A week before the scheduled time try to give up meat, fatty junk food, and various hot spices and seasonings, as well as alcohol, which cause increased appetite. The best option would – compliance with the milk – vegetable diet. Such food as to facilitate the flow of starvation, as well as reduce the sense of appetite. Choose an appropriate time of fasting. So, if one-day fasting may be carried out in any time of year, the best time of your first fasting longer periods – 5 days or more, will be – the end of July, August and early September. At this time warm enough, there is plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as have the opportunity to spend enough time outdoors. The first one-day fasting is recommended on weekends and longer periods of fasting is best done on a vacation fresh air. Thus the main, for that would properly prepare for the fasting is necessary to observe some simple rules: 1. Become familiar with the method of fasting and understand why you do it. 2. Conduct pre-cleaning procedures. 3. During the week, to comply with milk-vegetable diet. 4. Choose resembling time for fasting. Compliance with these simple rules allow you to more easily migrate their first starvation and receive from him the maximum benefit.