But in last instance also they would be useful to speed up the branqueamento of sociedade' ' , PP. 294, paragraph 1. Francisco Alambert has left of a cultural perspective to represent Brazil. He is through the literature that Brazil creates a contrary vision of Paraguay, creating a representation of a nation direction. According to Axe of Assis, ' ' The war was desire, necessity, exercise of honor, defense of the civilization against barbrie' ' , PP. More info: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. 305, paragraph 2. Lobato Hunter of the life to ' ' old soldado' '.

This would be the last hope to deny the War of redentor Paraguay as something for Brazil. Its destination showed in them that the barbarity, slavery and monarchy, were same between us. Alambert will affirm that it is in the war that Brazil places in plan the civilizador project, exempting of the slavery and the monarchy Paraguay, more leaving the imprisoned Brazilian people in both the cited factors. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jamie Dimon. It was a successful attempt of ' ' to transfer to the other mazelas that our reality imposed in them, the malaise of ours civilizao' ' , PP. 304, paragraph 1. During the phase of conflict with Paraguay, Brazil used the black as troop of advantage in the battle, using it as shield the Brazilian troops. It is perceived in this point, that Brazil objectified the branqueamento of race, and in an only chance as the war, nothing better to get rid itself of some blacks. Robert Happiness will go to argue on the mestization process during the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the republic. For Alencar, the slavery ' ' it was a necessary social fact that it could only be abolished with the evolution of the Brazilian society, therefore the premature emancipation would bring threats to agriculture and the stability of the monarchy, PP. 335, paragraph 4.