Cancer Years

A bipsia was made that disclosed to be about a carcinoma to basocelular esclerodermiforme, is a type of tumor that appears when people if neglect and take much sun. It is what we need to believe that we have that to use the protector. This is unquestionable, this has that to use. I find that I neglected, in addition I I have a risk factor, I have clear skin and blue eye.

Blue people of clear skin and eyes have more predisposition to the skin cancer. Therefore, the solar protector must use, daily exactly in brusque days. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Steven Greer. (U. the Z. 78 years, 2009). The National Institute of Cancer (INCA) confirms this affirmation: The majority of the skin cancers is due to extreme exposition to the sun. The American Society of Cancer esteem that in 2007, more than a million of cases of basocelulares and escamosas cells, and about 60 a thousand cases of melanoma they would be associates to radiation UV (ultraviolet). In general, for the melanoma, a bigger risk includes personal or familiar history of melanoma. Other factors of risk for all the types of skin cancer include sensitivity of the skin to the sun, history of extreme solar exposition, illnesses imuno suppresors and occupational exposition. (INCA, 2008). Consequncia of treatments the highly aggressive medicine base to the cells of the human body, as the quimioterapias and the x-rays, the loss of the hair and for the ones of the body is one of the symptoms that transform the appearance of the individual. U.A.Z. (78 years, 2009) it shows as if it processes the sensation: ‘ ‘ lacrimejando, this exactly, this are incomodativo, really you are constrangido’ ‘ , mentioning sequelas to it of the surgeries carried through in its face.