Door Refrigerators

Large or small? Measurements and selecting the location for the refrigerator, people sometimes do not think about how his back will make. Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. This applies to a large refrigerator. For even more opinions, read materials from Wayne Holman. Well if you'll just have to remove the door from its hinges in the kitchen unpack the refrigerator. And as long as it does not turn on the stairs? Large fridge – it is prestigious and beautiful, but if you need this? For the standard family of 3-4 people will be quite sufficient capacity refrigerator 300-320 liters. Therefore it is necessary to determine the amount of refrigerating and freezing chambers. Most often, this two-chamber unit with a refrigeration chamber volume of 200 liters. This is enough to fit in the fridge three or four shelves (not counting those on the door) and two large drawers for fruit and vegetables.

If you are more comfortable with one-model, for a family need a refrigerator of not less than 240 liters. Some housewives, especially those who are used once or twice a month, purchased 'on a grand scale', is preferred in addition to standard refrigerator to buy more and more free-standing freezer. But this is only the fact to whom do not face the problem of lack of space in the kitchen. Single Door Refrigerators are usually bought as an extra, for example, to testify. If a family three children of preschool and school age groups, refrigerator immediately be clogged up to the top of dairy products and baby food (the little packets of baby milk and kefir, by the way, take up too much space!).