Leukocytosis In The Mountains

In order to study the effect of T in combination with acute pain syndrome (OBS) on leukocyte counts (LF) were carried out four series of experiments on male and female white mongrel rats: 1-control (K), 2 – D modeling, 3 – to Modeling OBS and 4 in the combined effects of T and OSB. In the blood, the males were found insignificant changes in the RSD with respect to K, while at T marked shift to the left to the young LF (S), a decrease of lymphocytes (L) by 2.1 times, increasing not significantly changed. At T in combination with OBS was an increase in AEs in the 4-fold, SE 2.4 times, and monocytes decreased 3.6 times. Recently Barry Collins sought to clarify these questions. Thus, males are more sensitive to T, while females are more sensitive to Em, as well as T in combination with OBS it is more typical of middle-aged citizens. In elderly people, due to reduction in the total immunity has not been increasing the number of white blood cells or these changes are not pronounced. With regard to biological reasons for this is a pathological process and not worry about it..