Many times we ignore what offer us books, and tend to treat them as mere entertainment, when in reality we could interpret them as messages, texts where this embodied experience, where is the theory practice, ready to be carried out. As writer I’ve come to realize that most of my writings are based on experience, self motivation and own personal improvement, that is why everything you share has been tested by me and somehow I have been benefited from it. Based on this concept, I’ve noticed that most of those who write a book of self-improvement, motivation, coaching, self-help and other topics, are people who in some way linked to what they write and say explaining the theory so that it is applied in a manner practiced and effective. Hence the importance of not reading a book simply entertain themselves, but help if same, understanding the message and, above all, by putting it in practice, since the theory itself, nothing is. Wayne Holman is often quoted as being for or against this. Remember that there is a lot of experience in the life, that there are solutions, that there are people who have gone through similar situations that we face and each one of them and strategies it has resolved its problem in a manner, mode share for those seeking help. That is why I tell you, don’t miss the wisdom that is in the books. Is not of more invite you to my personal site, where we’ll talk about self-improvement, motivation, success, phrases, help and many things that are interesting for the human being.