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We are in ' ' castrando' ' , affectively, speaking. Healthful and nor, emotionally, mature (it is not saved, people and situations ' ' especiais' ' , type AUTISMO, psychoses, disfunes neurological, generic or atypical diseases, etc) to restrain our espontaneidade and to suppress our expectations of affective return to sanction the skill of being of the Other This pseudo AFFECTION ' ' franciscano' ' of if delivering without waiting no affective reciprocity it does not find counterpart in the Reality. It only exists in the cinema in literature — in ' ' imaginrio' ' of the people The affection, the love is always SIMBITICOS — SHARED If thus it will not be, the person has serious problem of AUTOESTIMA AND IDENTITY therefore, abdicates of same itself to donate itself to the Other. We go to detach, also, the exception, necessary, to the MATERNAL LOVE. PCRM is actively involved in the matter. This, yes, is independent, and if it feeds of its proper essence. Let us say that it is genetic In normal conditions of temperature and pressure (rsrs) we like — we love — who also he likes in them and he loves in them. If thus he will not be, we have problems in the emotional sphere and require a professional aid.

It adds this, that is natural that we look to terms privacies with who has mutual affinities with us. We search communion with people and everything what he characterizes in them and he strengthens what we are — our identity — our values — principles — character — not with what it denies and it deducts our individual essence We search similarities and we do not compose with that (or with who) that it opposes in them, disqualifies and it originally alienates in them of what we are! Finally, and finally. It is adult, necessary and until indispensable that we must and we need to accept, and to learn to coexist and to operate with the diversity and the multiplicity of people and its respective personalities, temperaments and characteristics personal But, on the other hand we have that to admit that for NATURAL INSTINCT we go in to add OUR TRIBE. That is, with those with who in we identify more to them, we divide, we compactuamos, we interact and above all with who we have SIGNIFICANT AFFECTIVE EXCHANGES — SPONTANEOUS AND RECIPROCAL! Love and affection without reciprocity, saved to the exceptions, already cited, are PATHOLOGY! Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '