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We are in ' ' castrando' ' , affectively, speaking. Healthful and nor, emotionally, mature (it is not saved, people and situations ' ' especiais' ' , type AUTISMO, psychoses, disfunes neurological, generic or atypical diseases, etc) to restrain our espontaneidade and to suppress our expectations of affective return to sanction the skill of being of the Other This pseudo AFFECTION ' ' franciscano' ' of if delivering without waiting no affective reciprocity it does not find counterpart in the Reality. It only exists in the cinema in literature — in ' ' imaginrio' ' of the people The affection, the love is always SIMBITICOS — SHARED If thus it will not be, the person has serious problem of AUTOESTIMA AND IDENTITY therefore, abdicates of same itself to donate itself to the Other. We go to detach, also, the exception, necessary, to the MATERNAL LOVE. PCRM is actively involved in the matter. This, yes, is independent, and if it feeds of its proper essence. Let us say that it is genetic In normal conditions of temperature and pressure (rsrs) we like — we love — who also he likes in them and he loves in them. If thus he will not be, we have problems in the emotional sphere and require a professional aid.

It adds this, that is natural that we look to terms privacies with who has mutual affinities with us. We search communion with people and everything what he characterizes in them and he strengthens what we are — our identity — our values — principles — character — not with what it denies and it deducts our individual essence We search similarities and we do not compose with that (or with who) that it opposes in them, disqualifies and it originally alienates in them of what we are! Finally, and finally. It is adult, necessary and until indispensable that we must and we need to accept, and to learn to coexist and to operate with the diversity and the multiplicity of people and its respective personalities, temperaments and characteristics personal But, on the other hand we have that to admit that for NATURAL INSTINCT we go in to add OUR TRIBE. That is, with those with who in we identify more to them, we divide, we compactuamos, we interact and above all with who we have SIGNIFICANT AFFECTIVE EXCHANGES — SPONTANEOUS AND RECIPROCAL! Love and affection without reciprocity, saved to the exceptions, already cited, are PATHOLOGY! Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '

Vitamins For Good Vision

Like the other organs of the body, eyes, brain and visual system needs proper nutrition to function optimally. A Visual healthy diet should include the following vitamins and minerals, intake of food or supplements. Vitamin A deficiencies in vitamin A can cause a slow adaptation to light and darkness, trouble seeing at night, eyes red, and dry eye. You may wish to learn more. Swarmed by offers, PCRM is currently assessing future choices. If so, Herbalife is the place to go. Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiencies can cause muscle weakness and poor structural development. Recent studies linking vitamin D deficiency with difficulties in attention and impulse control. Calcium reduced mental capacity, hyperactivity or attention, drive, irritability, and nervousness have been associated with scattered diets deficient in calcium.

B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12): The intake of vitamin B complex, correlates with the overall health of the neurological system. The symptoms of deficiency of B complex may also include burning eyes or dry eyes and sensitivity to light. Vitamin C: Vitamin C deficiency has been linked to the overall health of the body’s immune system. Together with the B vitamins, there is evidence linking his role with the total attention and behavior. The vitamin C deficiency has also been linked to cataract formation and glaucoma. For more information see biomechanics professor.

Vitamin E: Studies of vitamin E have been correlated with intellectual function. Its deficiency has also been linked to molecular degeneration and cataract formation. Zinc: Zinc is essential for brain development and mental function. It is also important for the absorption of vitamin A in the body. Sugar and caffeine: Effects of sugar and caffeine on attention and learning have been known for some time. Many of our most popular “processed foods and beverages are high in refined sugars and caffeine. Labels should be read carefully, and avoid these foods. These are vitamins necessary for optimal functioning of the visual system in a future article I will be sharing with you what food where we can take these vitamins.


All the areas of our body they require of proteins, consequently, our health depends directly on the diet with high proteins. The protein diets that count on a healthful and healthy level, are excellent to maintain to us free of antojitos or to undergo hunger continuously. The organism absorbs proteins high and sends a warning to the brain and this way, it avoids that you feel desires to eat or falls in the temptation to ingest unnecessary calories. As we know, the basal metabolism or in rest, must maintain our system working during the 24 hours of the day, every day, to put it another way, we needed to breathe, the heart must act its as constantly, inclusively when we slept. The diet with active protein our metabolism and aside from realising these functions, aid to maintain the mass and burning fire muscular calories, even without realising intense physical activity. The muscular mass falls over the years and if we are not physically active, which will happen is that we will accumulate detrimental fat and we will feel debilitated and with low energy This is one of the reasons for which the diet with high proteins is excellent to conserve our metabolism in optimal levels.

Another advantage of the protein diets, is that they diminish the rapidity whereupon the level of insulin and glucose in the blood raises and lowers. When you feel anxiety by something sweet or carbohydrates, she means that his protein ingestion is deficient and its organism him this demanding that Proteins, nevertheless, we commit the error to identify it like hunger or fatigue. Generally when our protein diet is deficient, we increased of weight due to the consumption of excess of empty calories. Then, we resorted to a diet to become thin. It chooses foods to become thin healthy, also there are differences in these, because some contain high levels but of protein that others. Between the most recommended, known like food for high cholesterol, are the vegetal proteins of frjol of soya, and these are in juice for the cholesterol elaborated on the basis of these proteins. Author original and source of the article