Instead of helping, most dentists have only one thing in mind: money everyone who ever was at the dentist, white man himself must prepare a lot when one opens his mouth, botch, pain, as well as extremely high bills. Of course only if one device the wrong dentist who doesn’t really understand his craft, but also want to misunderstand. The author, Dr. Lars Hendrickson, which itself is a dentist, said that 98 percent of all dentists are unscrupulous scammers who have only the enrichment provided by your patients as a target. Prevention, which is often recommended, in the real world is no good and very many teeth be drawn even without good reason. Also the so-called professional tooth cleaning which is sometimes offered, apparently makes no long-lasting positive effect regarding oral health.

These are a few of the accusations in the book by Dr. Lars Hendrickson. These are harsh accusations, but certainly a confirmation for people who suffer from dental anxiety and at the sound of the A flight think dentist of drill on. But what influence you as a patient with a treatment and these accusations are also justified? As 98 per cent means that many doctors at the Bungle, can of course not exactly say who is a good or bad doctor. In the end, it goes as so often in the life of the trust.

However you should never blindly trust, but this information should arise through any ratings, other information and the openness of the doctor. You should remain always very critical, if you hold a budget by a dentist in the hands and ask how these States come even when the various offsets. You should definitely also check if the doctor decides to use such an inlay and what would speak against a Crown in this case. If you doubt anything have then you should open your mouth, because only so the dentist has a chance to take you to the doubt. This article was written by Alessandro Reichgruber, I specialize in teeth. Do need For example, a dental bridge – or do you want to brighten only the teeth?