Self-esteem At Work

Our sense of self-worth and confidence in their own capabilities may be affected and make us believe that we are living at the mercy of the contingencies he says that unfortunately the world in which we live, good jobs are scarce and many people have very bad experiences so it almost always go with a negative thought to a new job even end with the idea that should not work. It also works in reverse, i.e. that we maybe get a job in a company recognized and prestigious but upon entering to working on it, it was not as we had thought of taking us a disappointment even worse than the previous case. Does not comply with a good job a person ends up receiving calls of attention even screams, a person with low self-esteem ends up feeling very bad and assuming that all the blame is yours when in fact intervened many factors external to it. At the present time management must ensure that his leadership, actions must be sheltered from a high, positive self-esteem, able to motivate members of the company with which it is integrated.

It must be attentive, that action, performance involve that workers always maintain a high self-esteem. Self-esteem is the value feeling of our being, our way of being, of the set of bodily, mental, and spiritual traits that shape our personality. This is learned, changes and we can improve it. (Garcia, 2005, what self-esteem?) Considered as it cites, which life itself puts us to the test constantly: professional success, career, employment, the lack of jobs, are factors that make fluctuate the values of estimation, like falling in love (personal and affective) and objectives met (in terms of work and professional). They give great satisfaction and increase the degree of estimation. Notes, that an assessment of one’s own positive facilitates a better perception of the reality and interpersonal communication, so it will help to better tolerate stress, uncertainty and the processes of change that can affect our work.