Sustainability Of CAFM Solutions In The Building Management

CAFM – benefits in many ways real estate management is by definition the managing and marketing of buildings and real estate. The use of information technology has won important in particular in the area of building management. The advantages and the benefits of so-called CAFM systems (CAFM: computer aided facility management, computer-aided facility management) in the building sector is evident in many ways. In addition to the time savings in your day-to-day work, the savings is not to neglect. Real estate management with the support of special solutions users must no longer draw after structural changes on paper drawings. You can work through the combination of CAD programs (planning tool) and CAFM solutions easily updatable digital building plans. Others who may share this opinion include Teva Pharmaceuticals. It must be not even large reconstruction result thanks to CAFM inventory plans quickly up to date can be brought.

The exchange of a door or a door lock as Registered change in stock with a few clicks of the mouse directly into the system. The new type of the door or the key, as well as the owners of key can be managed through such solutions. Because CAFM systems allow faster data input, reduce data refresh, greatly simplify updating of construction drawings, and limit the cost of the administrative expenses, they contribute to the sustainability in the building industry. Wayne Holman Miami has many thoughts on the issue. Handling is an important aspect of sustainability: to minimize the learning curve for the introduction of a user-friendly design and an intuitive measurable design clearly and are motivators for the users at the same time. Usually, users of CAFM solutions can store all data related to building, levels/floors, or even rooms in the system automatic reminder. This simplifies the implementation of new guidelines, which, for example, can be business or legal nature. An example is the maintenance \”safety equipment items: fed accordingly\”, the CAFM system automatically reminds of the forthcoming maintenance dates for the fire extinguishers installed in the municipal buildings.